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  1. I have 2 unopened Hawk U-2A kits. These are rare because Hawk sold the molds (I think Testors originally, which ended up with Italerei), who changed them to the C version, with larger intakes. This kit accurately portrays the narrow intakes of the A model all the way back into the fuselage. Factory sealed boxes, in good condition. $35 each or $60 for both, plus shipping
  2. I stopped building decades ago, now it's time to clear out the house a bit. I have for sale a complete set of IPMS/USA publications from Volume 12 through volume 23 of the Update/Quarterly format plus Volume 1 of the Journal format. IPMS/USA was in trouble during the last years of the Update / Quarterly format, so these are incomplete; Vol 22 has issues 5&6 of hte update combined, Volume 23 only has 1 Quarterly and 2 Updates (1/2 combined, 3/4 combined), and I am missing issue 4 of the Journal. I don't think the missing issues were published, but can't swear to it. $40 + shipping.
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