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  1. It happens.. there are people out there who would swear my name is Chris. Not sure why, but they do... I mean, I know a guy named Chris Campbell... we were friends in high school. No reason anyone outside of that could get it wrong, but it happens about 3 or 4 times a year. Steve (not Chris) Campbell 🙂
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you meant Leo Fender as your profile shows you to be in CA, and Mr. Fender was from there, too? And you would be very correct! Also, if you meant Freddy Fender... you would STILL be correct! Like this Mr. Fender, I, too, am a Texas native and have always been a fan of his! Even tried (and still do try) to sing his songs in Spanish. Best I can do is sing phonetically... I have started looking around the site. I wish the photography section was more active, but there is some really awesome work on display there. I hope to be adding my own w
  3. Thanks, Gil! Looking forward to getting the equipment in my shop and getting to work on all this. Honestly, I hadn't thought about mods and aftermarket capability, but now that you bring it up, that adds a whole other dimension to the possiblities! Regarding the Duplicolor, because of the guitar work I had been doing, I bought several of their "Paint Shop" quart sized cans over the past 2 years and have several that have barely been touched. Thinned down, they sprayed well through a paint gun, but I assume from an airbrush, I'll have to thin even more? I guess I'll do some testing when th
  4. Well.. that was a week, huh? <for historic reference... when one day I look back on this post.. .this was the week I spent 33 hours in the dark with my family while the temperature dropped to 9 degrees F, and I had to melt snow in a catfish cooker to have water to flush my toilet so I didn't waste the drinking water... and thankfully didn't have to burn my furniture like some folks...> Anyhow, as things get back to normal, I decided to join this group. I am getting back into model building after a very long break. This is probably a very common story here, but I did enjoy building s
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