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  1. Hello, Gil - last time we chatted I think you were asking some questions about some decal sheets for Jeff's old models. I went looking through the odd boxes we had left over here and found a number of instructions sheets, mostly for Tamiya with a smattering of some others. I'm amazed with how large these things have become, they're big enough to print a novella on, it looks like. Anyway, I couldn't find any decal sheets mixed in with these instructions, checked them all since they were a little stiff from having been in storage for so long and wanted to eliminate that property being due to the presence of more or more sheets. No soap. If you'd like these things please provide a forwarding address and I'll send them, but with a bunch of pros like you've got in this chapter I'm getting the feeling they're superfluous. Waiting on your input. Thanks, Mike S.
  2. Gil, I went through everything that was here, and I found some instruction sheets - about 2.5" thick - on some of the kits you've got. No decal sheets, though. I need an address to send this to, Margie and I will be sending it via UPS/FEDEX hopefully by end of this week.
  3. Gil, I went through everything that was here, and I found some instruction sheets - about 2.5" thick - on some of the kits you've got. No decal sheets, though. I need an address to send this to, Margie and I will be sending it via UPS/FEDEX hopefully by end of this week.
  4. Thanks, this will helpfully assist a lot of folks. Please pass on to Gil a msg that the Corsair's prop is in the large box with the already-built models in it. I forgot to lay that on him yesterday, we were in a bit of a rush. He'll know what aircraft you're speaking of. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone. I met w/Gil yesterday up here in GA and handed over EVERYTHING - and I mean EVERYTHING - to him (paints, Squadron/Signal books, extra decals, kits, etc). I figured this was the easier way for my wife and I to handle this since he was VERY close to us geographically and could relieve us of all the goodies in one fell swoop, which he did. He'll take another look at what he's got and be in touch w/everyone re: your wishes or what he plans to do. I wanted to thank you all for giving my wife and I the opportunity to give Jeff's models, tools, and supplies to some folks who would properly appreciate them, care for them, and use them. Mike Stevenson
  6. I'll do that as soon as possible, some other irons are in the fire right now. I'll get back!
  7. The coronavirus stuff threw a monkey wrench into this, along with many other things. I am going to come back up here to see if anyone is interested in these kits and supplies. I'm not interested in selling them just need them out as they are blocking us from some improvements we are finally able to make around here. Seeing as how this has become a giveaway hopefully some people will become interested or know someone who might be. The list in one of the above posts has not changed and covers everything.
  8. Most of the Covid-19 mess seems to be past us and I am coming back to see if any situations have changed re: these kits which are still available here in SE GA.
  9. Sir, Many thanks for that quick action. Only thing I'd add is the roughly 70 Testor's glass bottled paint jars, w/brushes, I forgot to include when I drew up the list. After inserting that feel free to post. And thank you again Michael S.
  10. If you can't see the list pls email me at my PM address, I at least know how to work that one and make additions to an email there.
  11. 2nd try on the model list Model Inventory.txt
  12. Here is a list of the models available. My son also left behind a LOT of Testors-type paint bottles, plus tools as well. Model Inventory.txt
  13. Recommended I contact you re: kits here on SSI, GA. Pls email back. Thank you.
  14. Thanks to you both. I've got a list and will dig it up. He was serious about this, bought in some cases three or four of each kit and got decal sheets for them plus SSP's "Walk Around" for the aircraft plus "detail and scale" materials as well. Some of these boxes contain two or three kits, anyone looking through them will recognize if there is enough available to work with and do a proper job. I did a lot of this myself and got up to about 700 or so before I gave them to a museum as they were becoming too much to move. Never went back to it and I couldn't do his stuff justice at my age. He didn't do the same for the car kits but that's another matter, I suppose. How do I go about contacting the Jax IMPS branch?
  15. My recently-deceased veteran son was an avid model builder and upon his demise in November, 2019 left us with 94 model aircraft kits, and 51 automotive kits (he liked muscle cars). We've completed all necessary notifications to creditors etc, and probate will not be an issue so we are now free to move these kits to whoever is interested in them. The aircraft kits run the gamut from WW2 to late current aircraft; he also obviously intended to build different versions of some of the aircraft since he has two, three, or four kits of the same aircraft with pertinent decal sheets. I used to do a lot of this myself but an essential tremor plus lack of space in our home precludes me from taking over his efforts. I'd hate to toss them into a dumpster - some of them have Squadron/Signal books illustrating various versions of the aircraft he was intent on building. I would like to know if anyone is interested in these kits and books as well. PS he has a considerable amount of paint of various colors we need to move as well. We are about an hour's drive from Jacksonville, FL as re: our location.
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