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  1. Hi everyone - I finished my USS Enterprise build this weekend. This has been my first model after 30 years and even though I think it turned out ok, I wish I could go back to change these things: - Get rid of the silver shine on the larger decals. Stock Revell decal softener had no visible effect. Any tips ? - The nacelles seem to droop to the rear slightly too much. I found no way to easily correct this. Link to a video and more images: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-13-endgame/
  2. USS Enterprise light leakage test: Detailed blog entry here: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-12-light-leakage/
  3. I just added a couple of more entries to my build log for those of you that are interested: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-10-assembly/
  4. Started two days ago and am waiting for the red LEDs for the engines to arrive from the UK: https://geekjournal.ch/x-wing-fighter-with-led-engine-lights-1122-scale-part-1/
  5. Thanks Mark - I just decided to build the small x-wing with integrated engine lights - more on that later : )
  6. Hi Mark - I am currently still working on the Enterprise 1:600 scale model with internal lighting. https://geekjournal.ch/category/projects/uss-enterprise-tos-kit-with-internal-led-lights/ On the side I'm working on a small X-Wing model that my daughter wanted to build but never quite got around to it. Once I'm done with the Enterprise I'll have to go and find another cool Sci-Fi model that has aftermarket lighting kits.
  7. Hi Mark - no unfortunately I did not install any lights (moving or non moving) in the helmet. I was not even aware that there are special kits out there that do just that.....
  8. Hi everyone - I built this Cylon centurion model last December and wanted to share the build log I created: https://geekjournal.ch/cylon-centurion-model-build-part-1/
  9. Hi - I started working on the USS Enterprise 1:600 scale model from Revell a month ago and decided to document the progress online in my blog. So far I have eight entries and am just now starting with the soldering of the internal lighting. Check it out if you like. https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-build-part-1/
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