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  1. Thanks Kevin, I do appreciate the help!!
  2. And if no one here can help with specifics is there a forum elsewhere that I might ask? Real space is not my usual thing to model, I guess I needed a break.....
  3. Hi folks, hey I have been working on a spacewalk figure of Alexei Leonov and racking my brain trying to figure out where all those hoses start and stop. Does anyone have some real good info on this? It would seem from photos and videos stuff is flying this way and that, and he seems tangled in some of it from time to time, so the multitude of pose possibilities seems abundant. But where can I find some concrete evidence of what goes where? Thanking all in advance for any help..........
  4. Hello, header pretty much says it all...........if anyone has one to sell, or has seen one recently on a store shelf collecting dust I'd like to buy it..... Thanks Steve
  5. I am looking for the dimensions of the float nets carried in baskets on the back of US WWII battleships, and most important to me are the dimensions of the floats or bouys attached to the nets... any help would be greatly appreciated....
  6. Thanks, that's some good info........I appreciate the help!
  7. I was informed that there was such a kit, cannot for the life of me remember who procuced it, if anyone has one kicking around, gathering dust, I'd like to have it?
  8. I remember building this WAY BACK in the 60's? The original kit came with some figures, anyone know where a guy might find these, or even just a picture of them?
  9. ka-ching !!! I knew there would be someone out there who had this sort of info, thanks to ALL who replied, you guys are great
  10. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply. That was what I tried first, but after spending a bit of time googling I failed to find any dimensions, I found some drawings......but nothing that would quote any measurements. I'm sure there must be a book somewhere with detailed drawings in it, I just don't want to buy one for these kits and thought someone else here may have already run the numbers? Thanks again, I'll keep looking............
  11. Hi folks, can anyone tell me what scale these really are? The X Wing seems close to 1/48..but a bit big? The Darth Vader Tie Fighter looks like 1/32?
  12. Hello, header dums it up pretty well, if anyone has one they would be willing to part with I'd like to buy it.........
  13. Hi and thanks for the picture. Sorry, that's not what I was trying to describe. These are running port to starboard and run across the top of the turret between the ladders on each side?

  14. I remember building this as a kid and recently bought the latest release. I knew there were no figures included, but did anyone ever do resin castings of the old originals? I would really like to ad them to the build.
  15. Thanks Bob, that will get me started. I appreciate the help. Steve
  16. Is anyone able to tell me if the docking adapter had a smooth surface or was it fabric covered?
  17. Hello, I am not usually a SCI FI builder but this looked like a cool kit. The ICARUS from Planet of the Apes. I see this kit advertised as 1/48 and measures in at 12" long. Then as I am gathering info a friend loans me Cultman's TV Ultimate Modeling Guide. In it there is a build article and it mentions the kit is 12" long and scales out good for 1/35. I think both are made by Monsters in Motion........anyone know how this kit should scale out correctly?
  18. I might be mistaken but a few months(?) ago there was a build article on stretching a Citation and finishing it in US ARMY colors? If anyone else remembers this could you please help me remember where I saw it?
  19. does anyone live near San Diego that might be willing to visit the Camp Pendleton museum and take some photo's and measurements for me? I hear there is one at Quntico as well? If anyone can help me out please e-mail me at noxaf@aol.com and we can work out details?
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