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  1. Hey there and sorry for not responding sooner. Yes I built that one some time ago. Can’t remember much of the build though. Send a pic of your kit and version you’re going to do.
  2. Thanks! Working on a KC-135A now but still waiting on a back ordered Airwaves PE set for it. The Brengun PE set should be shipping out shortly based on correspondence from the online based store in Great Britain. I hate being on hold, but I can still get a start on the SAC metal landing gear and True Detail tires.
  3. Thanks! No, I haven’t seen one armed in such a way either, but I just thought he would enjoy seeing her armed to the teeth. I did a ton of research and all weapons mounted in this build are those capable of being carried and on the associated hardpoints based on research. The next one will probably only be carrying torpedos in the added bomb bay.
  4. Thanks! I built a bunch of A-7s years ago. I have one up in my closet as we speak! Looking forward to starting that one one day!
  5. Thank you for your compliments and welcome back!
  6. Hello folks. I’m trying to find someone who may have a 1/72 KC-135 Airwaves Photo Etch set # AEC72100 for sale. So far, I’m on back order lists, scoured Ebay, Amazon and did generic searches. I know I’ll get one eventually from one of the back orders but I’d like to get it sooner as I’m already in the building process of this KC-135A. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I’m a new member and just want to say hello to all and introduce myself. I’m a passionate modeler who had left the hobby for the most part while serving 6 years in the Marine Corps infantry & 8 years flying various helicopters for the Army. I’m back into now and primarily build aircraft but enjoy playing around with armor also. When I look at the level of work out there I’m humbled! So many of you do such crazy fine work! I truly enjoy being able to see so many works of art. My most recent build is this 1/72 Hasegawa P-3C Orion. I built it for fellow Vet
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