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  1. I was just looking at the program, but it's too complicated for the kids, but I am looking at ways of simplifying it for them. There is a lot of good info in the lessons. I might use the Airfix starter kits.
  2. Eric, Thanks., but my skills are not god enough to have a class for adults, besides, I have to charge a fee for the classes so I can keep my shop open. Hopefully I can do an adult class in the future. I also want to have my shop open to AMA, NAR, and IPMS clubs. I do have some veterans that come to my shop that like modeling, so maybe I can do some sort of adult program, but as I said, my skill level is below par. Maybe the vets can help one another sharing their skills.
  3. Looking for some advice. I am interested in starting a modeling class for homeschooling kids in my area from my shop. Does anyone have experience using modeling for homeschooling? I plan on keeping it simple. Basics 101, cut-file-glue together, no painting. I just want the kids to experience building a model, and maybe spark an interest. My skill level is very basic; I'm a wanna-be builder that hasn't had enough time, or space, to sit down and build in years. We currently teach rocketry, and I've noticed that most of kids do not have the dexterity to do the simplest task, or follow instructions.
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