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    Failing eyesight resulted in me abandoning 1/48 for my mistakes were becoming too apparent! So, decided to go for 1/144!!!! - so small, no-one can see my mistakes now!Another upside is that I can build and display an entire air force, all to the one scale. Also, can illustrate a range of finishes on one a/c, e.g. 6 x JASDF Aggressor F-15s.
    Originally started on Soviet, now on modern Asian. See my SIG - Asian Air Arms - www.asianairarms.com.
  1. Hi, I'm after some markings from the 1/48 Aztec Decals MiG-21 Sky Guardians Part 1 - AZ48-51. I need those covering Bangladesh. Anyone able to help? I should, of course, be happy to pay an appropriate amount for them. Thanks, Brian Griffin Leader - Asian Air Arms - IPMS SIG http://www.asianairarms.com
  2. Thanks Gil. We're only doing this out of frustration: so many modellers tell me "I'd love to do modern Asian military aircraft, but there just isn't much decal choice!" This is not a perfect solution but is a damn sight better than nothing. Incidentally they're priced at just £5.00 per A4 sheet and any money we make goes towards the running costs of our group and our HUGE website - http://www.asianairarms.com
  3. Hi, We, at Asian Air Arms SIG, have just released a series of low-cost, generic decals to cover the range of insignia used in Asia since 1945. These are not specific to one type of aircraft or any one scale - they are roundels and fin flashes in a variety of four different sizes. This will allow them to fit a wide range of scales and aircraft types. They are a low-cost production, being printed on either White or Clear decal paper - you then have to trim them out carefully! They've been put together by our SIG to help members and other modellers complete aircraft in almost any Asian finish. Take a look at them here https://www.asianairarms.com/decals-aaa . They are priced at just £4.50 per A4 sheet (11 3/4 " x 8 3/4") but will be increasing to £5.00 a sheet from November. If you think they could be helpful, contact me via the website and I can give you a postage quote. Brian Asian Air Arms SIG Leader http://www.asianairarms.com
  4. Hi Gil, Thanks for you suggestion. Interestingly, I set up a Facebook profile only last weekend and hope that it will help spread the word. It's very good of you to pass Asian Air Arms info onto fellow modellers - anything you can do to help, will be much appreciated. What a shame that you're not a potential member!!! Kind regards, Brian
  5. Hi, My name is Brian Griffin and I am writing to you because I have recently started a new IPMS Special Interest Group that I suspect some of you a/c modellers could well be interested in - and able to contribute to - Asian Air Arms. I've recently come to realise that the information available concerning the operations and equipment of post-1945 Asian air arms is really quite minimal. I also have noticed that their aircraft and colour schemes can range from the curious to the "I do not believe it!" For example, Sri Lankan Kfir, Indonesian PZL Wilga, Thai Navy AV-8S, Malaysian A-400M, Singaporean F-15, etc. And from the period immediately after WWII, Taiwanese B-24, Pakistani Halifax, Chinese Tu-4 (B-29), North Korean Il-10, etc. It seems that this is a topic on which there is an almost limitless choice of out-of-the-ordinary subjects to choose from - no more grey, grey and more grey! It's almost like a "What if", but for real. Spurred on by this, I therefore decided to set up a SIG covering this region and period. However, I wanted to create a really useful resource that would open modellers' minds to the fascinating possibilities and so decided to build my first website. It now covers 26 air forces from Mongolia to the Maldives, and from Japan to Afghanistan and is searchable by country or by aircraft type. It lists, and wherever possible illustrates, all the aircraft used by those air arms since 1945. It also offers colour schemes; lists of kits available to make these models; lists of serial numbers for most air arms; period photos; photos of members' models; videos; decal resources and relevant articles (e.g. "Soviet Air confrontations with Pakistan Air Force during Soviet-Afghan War" - something few people are even aware of!) Please click on this link http://www.asianairarms.com and take a little while to browse through. You'll see that it's far from complete and - darn it - new information keeps coming in, thereby confounding my beautifully organised order! ONE DAY, it'll be perfect. I suspect that many US modellers could be able to contribute to this site - correcting errors and adding additional data - your help would be much appreciated! If, having looked through it, you feel this SIG could be of interest, just click on the "Join Now" button at the top of any webpage and you'll be put on the mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Brian Griffin Leader - Asian Air Arms (IPMS Special Interest Group) http://www.asianairarms.com
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