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  1. Well slowly getting back to this build, started weathering (1st wash), and touching up the engine, building the figures, Jimmy yelling down to Gunn and Waco
  2. Well, here is my LULUBELLE start, this is the TAKOM LEE kit, paints are Tamiya, decals I made, Verlinden radial engine, I should say after watching several build logs of this kit, I chose to build the upper hull off the lower, I ended up with tight seams.
  3. A dust coat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand and I call it done !
  4. TY Bill, this was a kit long in the making, actually started the steyr mod 12 yrs ago
  5. DAKmanTX

    JABOT Schrek

    Finished, Tamiya Steyr, with a Lead warrior conversion, Dragon 20mm, JP Hobby trailer
  6. Working on a multi kit DAK theme here, Tamiya Steyr, with a lead Warrior conversion, Dragon 20mm Flak, and a JP Hobby 20mm ammo trailer.
  7. We had our monthly meeting last night, and basically 4 members said the same thing.
  8. I can say that all the advice is good, and I'm learning here. I just have a bad habit of building something and making it realistic. Below is a Vickers I built for the AMPS contest. It faired very well there, but nothing at the IMPS contest.
  9. TY for the advice Rusty, I decided as not to second guess the judges, I will add three figures to this setting, I figured that someone took the picture, so why not have a War Correspondent a cameraman and a Public Affairs officer escorting him. Does this follow the Diorama Rule of 5 plus individuals and vehicle?
  10. Well I dug out the categories from the contest, and they don't have vignettes listed, and since I didn't meet the Diorama rules, my kit couldn't be judged basically, now I understand. TY
  11. Ok, I'm new to the entering submissions in contests, recently I built an M4A1 depicting a photo I saw on the inter-web (photo 1). Now if one depicts this, does it need to be entered as a Diorama, or an AFV ? Like I said I'm new to this and any feedback would be welcomed.
  12. Nice job, what a Armor model should look like, beat to heck, used and abused.
  13. My 2nd kit built. I enjoy this period. There's a lot of vehicle ad-hocking that can be done.
  14. This is a Dragon early DV kit 6404, set in N.Africa, Kaserine Pass. Comments welcome.
  15. I see a Humphrey Bogart Tank "LULUBELL" build coming to mind
  16. A few more pics, and yes I believe in battle damage
  17. Ty Dick, fun part was scratch building the sand skirts
  18. looking for accessories for this kit, or someone who does.
  19. Ty, Gil, I'm still learning the site, and the forums.
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