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  1. Hey GIl - Thanks very much for your support - yeah - I think if I heat them a bit they might return to shape. But the halves will still be ratty looking....a lot of filler and supporting tabs under the joins will be needed. Frankly, I am so discouraged I probably will just build the stock kit. Couldn't believe the owner of Greymatter, what a pill. He actually emailed me repeatedly bragging that he was continuing to sell the parts, despite the negative ebay feedback.
  2. Hope this is the right forum - I purchased a Greymatter 1/32nd scale FW-190D-13 through Ebay ($35 plus $7 shipping from UK) a couple weeks ago - although some of the parts were useable, the fuselage parts were not, as they were warped and too flimsy for use. Sought replacements - or partial refund. Seller refused, after many excuses (and negative feedback on ebay). Caveat emptor. Best regards, Paul in SF Not the first time people have had problems with this vendor re this item: viewtopic.php?f=149674&t=227626&p=22553 ... r#p2255384
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