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  1. I beg to differ from you. According to my research, the Maritime Commission C2-class had nothing in common with the EC-2 Liberty ships; in fact they predate the Liberty ships, having been designed before the war even began (along with the C1, C3 and C4-class ships). On the Liberty ships, the superstructure is roughly amidships; on the C2-class, the superstructure is approximately 2/3 of the way back from the bow. I still know of no kit or built-up model of a C2-class vessel.
  2. And before anyone mentions it, I do know that Revell did a box-scale kit of a similar cargo ship back in the '50s, but that was the larger C3 class. I don't think anyone has ever done a C2 in model form.
  3. Back in the 1950s, I traveled with my family on several occasions on freighters between either New York or Baltimore and San Juan, PR. In fact, in 1959 when we moved to PR for what turned out to be nine years, we took a freighter. Once the jets appeared and airfares took a comparative nosedive, we switched to flying and that was the end of my freighter experience. I'd love to see a kit of a C2-class Navy cargo ship (which these freighters had started life as) in either 1/700 or 1/350 scale, preferably the latter. Resin would be okay but I'd prefer injection-molded. And along with the wartime Navy version, I'd like to see a version released as a 1950's freighter like the ones I sailed on. Preferable markings for the latter would be for either the Alcoa Steamship Company or the Bull Line, which were the two companies whose ships I traveled on.
  4. Due to a recent flooding event in my house, some of my IPMS/USA Journals were damaged beyond usability. According to the national office, back issues of these are no longer available, so I'd like to buy copies of these that are in good condition. Volume 26, Nos. 4, 5 and 6 Volume 27, Nos. 1, 2 and 3
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