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  1. Sheesh, could it have been any easier?!?!? Thank you so much! Alan
  2. Good morning, I was wondering how I should go about purchasing past issues of the Journal. I can see the covers and article contents, but there is no link to add them to a Cart. I was a member in the 60s and 70s, but dropped it as new interests intervened. I re-upped in the 20-teens, and would like some specific back issues. While a couple of issues came out relatively recently, I don't remember the articles listed. And obviously there will be some from between the 70s and 20-teens that I would want. I saw a comment on a 2017 posting listing Jim Pearsall and the office manager, Marie, but how does one contact them? Many thanks, Alan
  3. Thank you, the change-address form worked this time. The first effort never got to the Captcha screen, just that my password was invalid. Technology is wunnerful!
  4. Good morning, I am moving, and in attempting to change my mailing address I cannot find the screen for doing so. The one that's linked on earlier threads denies my login and/or password. Don't wanna miss any Journals! Thanks!
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