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  1. Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new member and this is my first post on this forum!! I have heard that Tamiya's primer is one of the best out there and I would like to use it but it is a lacquer based primer and I use mostly acrylic paints. I understand that you can layer (but not mix together) paints of different bases but they have to be layered in a specific order. For instance: Start with a lacquer based primer; then preshade with an enamel paint; then you could lay down an acrylic base color. I don't know if the above statement is correct and that is what I am asking you: Is it correct? Also, if you were to paint the layers listed above, would it be dangerous to maybe add a layer of enamel based paint on top of the acrylic base? (as if you were doing a camouflage scheme?) Thanks in advance for your sage advise!! Joe Miriani
  2. Hello My name is Joe and I hail from Kansas City, home of the World Champion (though currently struggling) Kansas City Royals!. I build military aircraft (mostly superiority fighters) from WWII through the Cold War. I have a collection of around 60 diecast aircraft and last year started building models to supplement my collection. I have only built 4 models (and destroyed twice as many) so I am still a novice. I hope this the IPMS as well as this forum will help me improve my skills! Glad to be on board! Joe Miriani
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