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  1. Hi guys, I'm new here, a military modeler at heart but dabble in a bit of everything -- cars, sci-fi, etc. I have my local hobby shop and some online sites I go to, but I was curious to gauge people's opinions on some of the popular online hobby shops, along with what everyone likes and doesn't like about them. Would love if you all could pitch in and let me know what you all think about the following: Squadron Sprue Brothers MegaHobby Freetime Scale Hobbyist I can go first: Squadron: Pros- Great prices and sales Cons- Very little inventory, take forever to ship Sprue Brothers: Pros- incredible shipping time, cool military items, great customer service Cons- Not a lot of inventory to choose from, only a few thousand items and very poor selection of paints, supplies, etc. MegaHobby: Pros- Tons of items in every category, great customer service, good shipping time Cons- Prices are a bit higher than other sites Freetime: Pros- Great shipping time, good prices Cons- So-so selection Scale Hobbyist: Pros- Great prices, good selection Cons- Slow shipping time, possibly slowest of this group Looking forward to seeing all of your opinions and sharing some new sites! -Scott
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