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  1. Thanks! These are great starting points. Possible Xmas gift for my dad.
  2. I will try this later, closer to the model, lower pressure and more thinner. This past weekend I contacted the John Glenn chapter and plan on attending the September meeting if I can. I am looking forward to it.
  3. My father served as a radar man during Vietman and would love to build his ship for him. I have searched and searched but nothing exists.
  4. Dave, I use model master acryl mostly and tamiya sometimes. When I do shoot I am realizing now my pressure is WAY too high! Around 20-30 psi. Yikes! Dave, I know your name but not you personally. I attend the Kirkland show every year. I live in Mentor.
  5. I do use isopropyl alcohol for thinning. Should I try something different?
  6. Thanks. Both responses sound like what I'm doing wrong. I do shoot kinda far from the model and use higher psi.
  7. I CANNOT get that smooth paint application on aircraft that I see at shows or online. Mine is usually a little rough or grainy. Any advice? I normally use tamiya and model master acrylics.
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