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  1. Andrew....one of my high school f/b team mates (Des Moines Roosevelt, circa mid 1950's) is married to Alexander Lippisch's daughter. They own a ranch in SE Iowa. The Lippisch chapter appears to be a very good one. Hopefully, you'll join the group.
  2. Hi folks. I'm Bob "Bails" Bailey from Woodbury, Minnesota, located on the east side of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul. At age 77, I've been gluing-up little airplanes since the early 1940's, during ww2. Solid balsa models were what I focused on then, with my trusty X-acto, Testor's tube glue, sandpaper, sanding sealer, and Dope. We hung them from the bedroom ceiling in those days. I started a number of stick models but never finished one.....needed a third hand and a lot more patience. Got into plastics in early 1970's, mostly 1/72....Frog, Matchbox, Tamiya, and Hasegawa. Was a member of IPMS from that time until the late '80's when I focused on the 401K, not modeling. Retired in 1998 and took up the hobby with vigor, and rejoined the Society. I am impressed with the progress the Society has made in the recent past with a dramatically improved Journal, consistently high quality National Convention, and worthwhile programs aimed a various segments of our hobby. Upon returning to the hobby my primary focus was 1/48 WW 2 fighters. For the past few months I've been deep into 1/48 jets wherein Alclad 2 is a real blessing. Jets ARE fun, too!! I'm not active in the Society, however I am glad we have it for its doing a lot to keep the flame of our hobby burning. I look forward to spending time with y'all. Peace, Bails
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