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  1. John is correct. I typed P-40 twice. There is only the UPC P-40. There is not a Frog P-40. Cood catch.
  2. I forgot to list the two Czech models. One is the L-29 and the other the TS-11. I was corresponding with a member in Czechoslovakia and we traded models.
  3. Folks: "Back in the day" I was a member of the Richard I. Bong chapter near Milwaukee. We'd meet at the EAA HQ in Hales Corners. Great times and great fun. Fast forward a few (or more) decades and... this past weekend I found some unbuilt kits in a box in the basement. They're from the late 60's or early 70's. (pic attached) They need to go to an active modeler. I've done some online research on value but I'm open to a reasonable offer and preferably all to one buyer. Here's a list: Frog: Sea Fury 109F Fokker D21 P-40 Airfix: Henschell 123 Boomerang Yak 9D Gladiator Mk 1 Panther Tank Armored Car, 234 UPC: Ju-87 P-40 P-39
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