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  1. So Michael, Do you go to Cordova any more? They have the World Series in August, and a NITRO-Nostaglia race in June. My friend and I drive over from Des Moines every chance we get. Kevin Iutzeler
  2. Purely Guessing..... The Day of the Triffids Kevin
  3. My TOP 3 favorites have all been mentioned; #1 Quantum Leap #2 Farscape #3 B5 But to add one for pure indulgence, I'd say Knight Rider Pontiac fan through and through, yet watching the show now, TOO CHEESY!!! LOL Kevin
  4. Just a quick note, but when I put "Thunderbirds" up, I meant the movie(live action Frakkes directing). Thought the TV show was indeed awesome, I think the ships from the movie weren't too bad. Kevin
  5. Anyone notice that this thread is by far and away the most viewed and replied to thread on the forum? And another "GUILTY" pleasure that will raise some stink, but I don't care. "Thunderbirds" I just LOVE TB2! Too bad it's always just been a cargo-rescue vehicle. No guns. Kevin
  6. Great website, and fantastic models! And nice work of the Refit for the Journal! But a curious question for you Simon. Other than your commissioned jobs, do you build anything for yourself for fun? I myself am currently stuck in a building "freeze" it seems. I took on a couple of friendly builds for other people, but can't seem to work on them as I feel (hard to express)stuck in that I'm unsure that they'll like them when I'm done. And in that, I can't seem to work on anything for myself, as I feel guilty I suppose for not working on their stuff. (I know, I should see a shrink....LOL) (really, probably should!) Seeking help(LOL) Kevin
  7. After having looked at Simon's websites, and the shots of the Seaview, along with the Mobious Seaview kit, I just bought the first season of the show(vol1 & 2) tonite at Target. That and the pics of Wonderfest I spent several hours this morning catching up on. I even had the kit in my hands at my model meeting tonite, but just could bring myself to spend that much at this moment. But I suppose I will soon enough. I guess I have all the other "BIG" Sci-Fi kits, why not............arrrrgh!
  8. My Favorites.... #1 When Worlds Collide (I even have the book dated 1934, which included the story After Worlds Collide by Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie) #2 The Day the Earth Stood Still #3 Forbidden Planet GPs--- The Rocketeer Galaxy Quest Independence Day Armageddon I'm surprised no one's mention The Black Hole. Though it has just a touch(very little) of Sci-Fi, I enjoy the movie Forever Young(maybe I'm a sucker for a B-25, or just a sap. LOL) Kevin Iutzeler Iowa
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