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  1. After an extended absence from modeling I have decided to return to a hobby what has been a part of my life on and off for over 50 years. At the age of 67 I have finally decided that my hand eye abilities have placed me at a disadvantage at slot car racing and any other competitive events when I have to go up against 21 year old reflexes. Last month I attended the December meeting of the Richmond IPMS club and decided to get back to my first love of modeling 1/72 WW2 aircraft. Now comes my problem, with the opinion of my wife about enamel and thinner smells in the house I decided that Acrylic paints would be the way to go. I have attempted to spray both Model Masters and Vallejo through my two Badger 200 airbrushes at a pressure of 20psi and have thinned them with everything from Testors Model Master Thinner to alcohol to water and the same thing happens. On the first pass the paint comes out of the airbrush as it should but just as soon as I stop the spray to get to another area of the plane the airbrush clogs up and nothing will come out. I thinned the MM at a rate of about 70% Paint to 30% thinner and the Vallejo at a considerable amount less of thinner as recommended by a long time modeler. Now, I have never claimed to be the brightest light on the Christmas Tree, but I did think my modeling talents would allow me to lay down a base coat of paint. I have used enamel paint through brushes for years with fairly good results but this problem with the Acrylic has me beat. Any and all opinions will be welcomed
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