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  1. Hello, I own Atlantis Model Company and wanted to know if there any interest in seeing the Aurora 1/48 Armor kits reissued. The price point would would be in line with current kits around 34.99 or so. I know these kits will bring back a lot of memories but I want to see if you guys would buy them if they were reissued. I know they have never been done since the late 1970's. Revell/Monogram did reissue the kits with a P-51 and Focke-Wulf plane that used a tree as a display stand other than that nothing. We would have to some work to get them production ready. Please tell me all you can about these classic kits. Peter
  2. Hello we now have the Sealab III up for Preorder on the website. If we get enough orders we will produce the kit. This will be an exact replica of the original kit. We are selling them bagged and completely boxed. You will not be charged unless we get enough orders. We have flyers at the Convention see Amazing figure Modeler table. (Terry Webb) http://www.atlantis-models.com/preorders.aspx Thank you for your support!
  3. Hello any any interest in seeing this as a kit. We want to do some limited edition resin kits, so we are looking for some feedback on ideas. Please post your feedback. Pete AMC
  4. Hello guys we are trying to gauge interest if we can get these kits into mass production. We want to do them as a 2 pack with a new base that can support both figures dueling it out with some accessories scattered around. The new base will measure 14 x 5 inches long. We have launched a kickstarter campaign to see if the interest is out there. We really would love to hear from you and get your support for the project. We have also produced figure kits of Zorro and Blackbeard. Some pics are below your feedback is welcomed. Peter Vetri President Atlantis Model Company This is the original Ad for the 1960 Aurora Catalog!
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