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  1. Thanks for the help! I have a few sets on the way. Looks like I have some small-scale figure mods in my future ...
  2. I am building the Merit 1:200 Hornet. I am planning to go a bit overboard (no pun intended) with the planes and the hanger deack. I cannot find any 1:200 scale figures outside of the eduard 1:200 Kriegsmarine deck crew (which I purchased). Does anyone have any ideas for 1:200 scale figures?
  3. I am building a A-7A but HobbyBoss does noy give painting instructions for the lens (which I suspect may be tinted) or the internal "eye" that is seen throug the lens. I hav elooked for photos but the ones I find all have the cover on the unit. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Nick, That is awsome, thank you. Let me know what you like to model and I will trade you something from my stash. My address is: Paul Kinney 25380 Newport Avenue New Prague MN 56071
  5. I am wrapping up an in flight project with an F-16, F-86, and F-80, alll in Minnutemen makings. I used the decals given out at the 2013 nats in Loveland. I was laying some Microsol on the last decal - The white lettering on the front gear door of the F-16 and it disintegrated! I am looking for someone who can spare the 1:72 F-16 section or can sell me the whole decal set. Oddly enough theer are none on eBay. Thanks, Paul Kinney 48872
  6. Vlad, Thank you so much for doing this! My son and I had to leave before the banquet so we missed the results. It looks like both of us placed. Since this was our first Nationals competition, so we are not up to speed on what recognition is given to those who place. If there was something given out, can we pay for delivery, or if there is something done for this situation, it would be great to know. Thanks Paul Kinney (& David)
  7. My son and I had to leave on Saturday morning to get a head start on our drive back to Minnesota so we missed the banquet. Will the results be posted somewhere? This was our first visit to the nationals and we enjoyed it. It was humbling for sure.
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