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    King Tiger Build

    I am making a Sd. Kfz. 182 Dragon kit #6208. I have ordered zimmerit, and gum barrel. What I want to do is make it for winter, what I need is advice on winterizing it. Such as what should be the base paint and what I should use for the white. Also I would like to put a little snow on it so what is the best material to use and how to make it stick. Thanks in advance. Tim
  2. I have a Grex Genesis Xn Double Gravity Airbrush, and am looking for repair parts mainly O-rings. Please help. Thanks Tim
  3. MM1TB


    I am building a 21st Century Toys F4U Corsair and my dog got up on my workbench and stole the front canopy. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement. It is not a birdcage. Thanks.
  4. MM1TB

    F4U Cockpit

    Thank You so much I have ordered a few things. It is a 21st Century Toys model.
  5. MM1TB

    F4U Cockpit

    I am building a 1/32 F4U and would like some suggestions on buying or making cockpit seat belts, and any upgrades you guys suggest. Thanks
  6. I want to build a F4U-1D Navy Corsair. What would you guys recommend for a kit and after market add on's?????
  7. MM1TB

    U-96 U-boat Decals

    Yes Sir Thank You so much.
  8. MM1TB

    U-96 U-boat Decals

    I am building the Revell 1/144 scale Type VIIC I want to make the U-96 but cant find the Laughing Swordfish decals, Can anyone help. Thanks so much.
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