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  1. Well I don't know how to thank you. What a help you have been so far. The model is done for now. I still have to paint the hull. I believe an investment into a spray system is in order.
  2. Something like this? http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?R=BK_7354623_0282507493
  3. Hmm okay. Let me get this right. Lay the pinstripe down at the line, paint below it for the antifoul red, above it for the dark grey. Then pull the strip off and paint that area black. Right?
  4. Thanks for the link. Quite interesting that the model I'm working on is a front page example. It's nice to see these kits. Looks like really advanced work for really talented model artists. Do you actually cut the hull's existing rails and replace them with the photo etched ones? Almost done gluing the ship together. I need to decide how to paint the hull. I'd like to paint the black waterline strip, but there's no line guide to work with so it's going to be tough.
  5. I join forums to learn from others, so thanks a million for the tips. I never heard of photo-etch parts, but it sounds nice. Just ordered this: https://www.freetimehobbies.com/acy14106.aspx And since it's littered with rails, I may just stick with them since they look nice with that paint color. So, would I chuck the rails this model comes with and purchase some nicer ones and hope they fit? There must be a big aftermarket on alternate parts then. i'm a noob.
  6. A good hobby store should have super-glue debonder in case you have to take things apart (its not perfect, but lets you recover from disasters). You can also find (relatively) slow-setting super-glue there that can be combined with "kicker" that will make it harden instantly. This is good for attaching small parts: apply the glue, get the part in the right spot, then spray the joint with "kicker" and its "stuck". Using kicker doesn't give super strong joints, but sometimes its all you need. You can also use it to tack big assemblies together, then go back with liquid glue or regular
  7. Since i'm a noob, would any paint thinner work with this model paint I have? I mean, these bitty little jars are cute and everything, but I could simply go to Lowe's and get a good paint thinner that'll last a LONG time.
  8. Thanks for the link. I actually did check them out because i was curious what sort of ship it was and its history. It had to be something memorable if a model was made for it, right? Well I made some progress last night as alot of my questions were answered regarding the superstructure. I am finally seeing structure on the superstructure, and needing to work a bit backwards to fit everything snugly. I never thought of using superglue because I'm afraid my error may ruin the work. Here are images from last night. http://dl.dropbox.co...rStructure1.jpg Superstructure glued together
  9. Yeah it appears I'm doing the same thing. Though, I just happen to be following the directions. But... Perhaps you can tell me what you would do in my situation in question. The superstructure is broken out into several sections which are each composed of multiple pieces. The direction calls for most pieces on the ones I've done so far to be flat white, with the decks a light grey, then any attached pieces (such as a turret) are white. My impulse is to paint the deck gray before gluing, but my concern is that the area where the turret attaches won't bond well since the paint is there.
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the information. No I haven't even looked for a local club yet. Honestly, I need to see if I'll keep my interests on this. I took a picture of the model before doing anything to it last night. Made some progress since. The superstructure is FAR more complicated than it has to be. The link below Pic1HullDeckTurret.jpg Shows the superstructure after I got started with it. Combined, the piece behind the turret is composed of 8 pieces. The piece I started last night sits behind and on top of the first piece. It, too, is about 8 pieces. But it has more coloring to
  11. Hi folks, Just joined this forum yesterday. Was poking around looking for modelling forums and, here it is. So, my experience has been spotty with modelling. Starting at 10, I build a 747 because I loved the plane. The thing was never painted and eventually ended up in the swimming pool as a toy. Later, I did a F14 and F18 during my high school years. Did a few Star Trek models like the Enterprise and, after the Challenger exploded, did a shuttle (I think it found its way into the pool too). During my Navy years, I thought it would be silly to build a Carl Vinson model while stationed
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