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  1. Thanks Don. Not too worried about contests. My skill level will not be there for a while. I have to learn all these new techniques and how to use some of the tools I can now afford like my air brush. I was just getting a little anal about it. I forgot - it's a model, you can do whatever you want! Gary
  2. Thanks all. Great info. What I am trying to do is determine what exterior color and interior color options were available for the 1:1 of the models I build. For example - for discussion sake - if a 1969 Mustang was available in Metallic Green, what were the options for the interior colors? Thanks again Gary
  3. Hi all, I am new back to the model hobby. Doe anyone know of a good source of reference materials I can access to determine the available color schemes for cars when they were originally purchased? Sometime the instructions will have some guidance but so far those are few and far between. Thanks, Gary
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