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  1. Leo


    Hi everyone. Just a few notes of introduction. I live in Melbourne, Australia and as a child and teenager I was a fairly keen model maker – mostly Airfix, Tamiya and Revell. They were all made about 30-40 years ago. Some of them are quite good. I’m afraid I am so out-of-touch now I have no idea what’s going on, but it did make me glad to find a forum like yours. Trouble is, with all the changes in life I can’t store these kits I made so long ago anymore. I really don’t want to throw them away, and giving them to any young person I know is kind of like bestowing a death sentence on them anyway. Sigh. It’s really sad. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do with them? Are they of any historical value to anyone? To the companies that manufactured them? Or are the same kits still available after all these years? Are some kits more rare than others? Perhaps this is a thread that should go to another part of the forum rather than the Welcome one – let me know and I will start a new thread. Regards
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