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I am retired civil service and Army, having served 22 years active duty and active reserve, including a tour in Vietnam. I am airborne infantry with a tour in the 2/504 Inf, 82nd Airborne, at Ft Bragg, and a tour in the 5th Mech at Ft Carson. In USAR, I have served with 101st Airborne, XVIII Airborne Corps, 4th Infantry, and several other units. I have jumped from Hueys and flown in them and Chinooks in Vietnam, including firefly missions, and stateside, including a near midair with five blackhawks at Ft Campbell in 1982. I am now a volunteer with the Wings Over the Rockies Air/Space Museum at Lowry. I am also a model railroader, modeling in O, On3, HO, HOn3, and N scales. I model US military equipment, including armor, wheeled vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing, fighters, transports, and bombers. I have color slides of aircraft and vehicles in Vietnam, including a shot of a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog taking off from Tay Ninh West for FAC duty for us. One of my "work in progress" projects is a 1/72 model of the USS Harnett County (LST-821) as used in Vietnam for the HAL-3 Seawolves UH-1Bs and USMC H-34Js. The only aircraft models I am missing are the North American OV-10 Bronco in 1/72 as deployed by the VAL-4 Black Ponies. I will be modeling the LST with a wood hull and decks. I would like to hear from members of HAL-3 and VAL-4. My e-mail is railbass@comcast.net, as I am both a railfan and bass barbershop singer with the Sound of the Rockies Chorus.

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