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  1. I too shall miss PMMS. It has been a great site! I looked through the words Brian Balkwill has put out there. It seems he is really taking a bad mark on a product personally to the point of laying out a flow chart and doing a video. True if something is sent to a particular reveiwer then it should be done by that person. I hope Terry reconsiders his decision on closing a great site!
  2. Just wondering why there have been no plastic models of either Vipers from the new BSG series put out by any of the traditional kit companies. Royalties too high? I have seen resin cottage industry Vipers out there but all are very pricey. BTW my favorite Viper is still the original TV series Vipers. I have to say the mark II's from the new series are second and the "modern" Viper Apollo arrived on the Galactica from the mini-series would rank 3rd with me. It would be nice if Fine molds picked up the new vipers along with the "old" Monogram kit in 48th or 35th scale. One can dream.
  3. Greetings, Frank Blanton here from Richmond, Virginia. I model 1/35th scale Armor and I also enjoy Sci-Fi. Enjoyed the National's in Columbus Ohio last week. I have been a member of IPMS Richmond since 1990.
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