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  1. A few of us in the area of Lansing, Michigan, would like to meet with other modelers, with the ultimate goal of starting a regular modeling club. If live in the vicinity and would be interested in exploring this idea, please post a reply.
  2. My thanks to all the replies, especially Roktman's update - surprising to say the least. Fortunately the order is on my card, so nothing charged until it's sent. I've resolved to let it rest; if the order comes, great; if not, no loss. In the meantime I'll look toward other suppliers.
  3. In the Christmas 2019 flier I found “Chief Modelers’ Weathering Choice Set” (SQ10215). The set consists of AKI011 White Spirit (35ml) AMIG1206 Dark Streaking Grime (35ml), AKI025 Fuel Stains (35ml), VJ73813 Engine Oil Stains (40ml), ABT005 Smoke (20ml) tube, ABT007 Raw Umber (20ml) tube, ABT070 Dark Rust (20ml) tube, ABT205 Metallic Silver (20ml) tube, (4) plastic paint pots. Hmmmm, that might be helpful. A 20% discount offered through email would cover the cost of shipping. So, I ordered it on 2 December 2019. Nothing happened. I contacted Customer Care 20 December and was informed some of the items were back ordered and would arrive soon. Nothing happened. On 2 January I checked each of the items in the set online and found all were apparently in stock except AMIG1206 Dark Streaking Grime. I wrote and suggested that instead of waiting for that, how about substituting AKI012 Streaking Grime instead? The reply was, in effect, we can do that; we’ll send it out right away. Nothing happened. I keep checking my account to see if the order has shipped. Yesterday I was told they’re still waiting on some items, sorry for the delay. But last night the January 2020 flier arrived, and SQ10215 is right there on page 42 again. A similar thing happened to me a little over a year ago: Ordered a kit using a nice coupon offered through email. Waited. Contacted Customer Care. Told it was on back order, Repeated several times. Eventually the order just disappeared. Are others having similar difficulties? Any suggestions?
  4. I'm finishing a 1/48th Yak-9 (Ark#48002). The decal sheet has a number of stencils (items "A" thru "K"), but the instructions give no information on placement. Does anyone have an suggestion?
  5. Every time I get something from Victory Models, they include a card offering a promotion from an on-line wine merchant. What are the prospects of doing something similar thru on-line retailers? Perhaps that could be the modern day equivalent of a flyer in the model kit box.
  6. I read the editorial letter from IPMS/Washington DC with great interest. And then it occurred to me; I see ads in the Journal from all kinds of modelling- related businesses, how come I never see anything on their web pages about IPMS? I regularly shop sites such as Squadron, Scale Hobbyist, Hobbylinc, Victory Models, etc. What would it take to have them include a link on their home page to IPMS/USA? I remember a comment some time ago about having small flyers inserted by manufacturers into kits in the past - I remember those. So maybe that's no possible anymore. But surely online retailers would be willing to point customers to the society; it would be mutually beneficial.
  7. Thanks so much, Gil. Your photos confirmed the data I have. They're particularly helpful since they show some present-day birds. The -9DD is particularly frustrating as it has a straight axle, no half-yoke. I think I'll try to correct the models. Wish me luck! 🤔 Dick
  8. I'm working on these 1/48th kits by ARK Models, which apparently were previously ICM kits. But the landing gear for both are puzzling me. Every photo and diagram I've found, including those of Kagero's Yak-1, Vol. 1 & 2, show the half-fork of the main gear facing toward the aircraft centerline, while the kit parts have them toward the gear doors/wingtips. Can anyone give me definitive input on this? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Eric. I've been in contact with Paul. Now I'm trying to identify IPMS members in the Lansing area who interested.
  10. Are there people in the general area of Lansing, MI, who would be interested in starting an IPMS chapter? Please let me know. Our closest chapters are at least an hour away in any direction, and I'd love to be able to meet and work with folks around here. Thanks.
  11. I'm about to exhaust a bottle of Metalizer Metalic Blue, which has been great for the translucent blue of interior surfaces of Japanese aircraft. I can't find a replacement. Does anyone have a recommendation?
  12. I'm about to exhaust a bottle of Metalizer Metalic Blue, which has been great for the translucent blue of interior surfaces of Japanese aircraft. I can't find a replacement. Does anyone have a recommendation?
  13. Thanks, gentlemen. I appreciate the assistance.
  14. Can anyone provide insights into the plumbing? I see lots of variations in online search. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Nick. I believe you may be right. In which case, I appreciate your offer. My mailing address is: Richard Davenport 14682 Hardtke Dr. Lansing, MI 48906 Thanks for your kindness.
  16. Hi, Nick. I believe you may be right. In which case, I appreciate your offer. My mailing address is: Richard Davenport 14682 Hardtke Dr. Lansing, MI 48906
  17. I have the following for sale. Models (except for He 129) are in original boxes. Books are new. Will negotiate price and shipping. Real Manufacturer Type No Name Product Manufacturer Product No Scale Heinkel He 129 Revell (bagged) 1/72 Junkers Ju-88 Lindberg 5307 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf110E-1 Zerstorer Monogram 6812 1/72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain Testors 871 1/72 Heinkel He 111 Z-1 Zwillling Testors 867 1/72 Horsa AS 51 Mk 1 Glider Testors 862 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 321 B-1 Gigant Testors 865 1/72 Waco CG-4A Assault Glider Testors 863 1/72 Publisher Number Series Title Kagero 3054 Monographs Ju 87 D/G Vol. 1 Squadron/Signal 8270 Detail & Scale F-100 Super Saber in Detail Squadron/Signal 5564 Walk Around F-102 Delta Dagger Walk Around
  18. I managed to ruin the top of port wing, part #12B, of kit #2670, Re.2002 Ariete. Does anyone have one in their spares box they'd be willing to part with?
  19. Thanks for the info and the comments, Gil. Yes, I believe the bottles will be visible in the cockpit when complete. And I appreciate your words of caution. I wasn't really thinking about judges, but was simply trying to be as authentic/accurate as I can. So as I was putting this together, I suddenly realized I didn't have any idea what I was working with. This will be helpful.
  20. Does anyone know the color of oxygen bottles in Italian WWII fighters? Thanks.
  21. I'm working on a Hasegawa Ki 84-I. The instructions call for this color for the prop. Can someone suggest a Tamiya or ModelMaster alternative?
  22. I've started an Il-2 and the research I've done refers to an upper three-color camouflage pattern, but the only images I can find are profiles. Can someone provide me an illustration of a top view? Thanks.
  23. Hi, Scott. I was just browsing through the forum when I stumbled on your entry, so I'm coming late to the discussion. I'm surprised no one mentioned HobbyLinc.com. I tend to alternate between Squadron and them. I like HobbyLinc because they have a great search engine for their inventory, have very good prices, have a customer loyalty program, excellent order tracking, and ship quickly. I don't remember how I stumbled on them, but I really like them; often they have things that aren't in stock at Squadron. I highly recommend them.
  24. I managed to loose the tab actuator for the port wing of Revell's Pro-Modeler 1/48th SB2C-4 Helldiver. Can someone sell me the photoetch sheet for this kit? Or do you know if I can request it directly from Revell?
  25. I need a set of decals for Tamiya's kit #61085, most significantly the national insignia for the wing. Can anyone help me?
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