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Confederate Bugler

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Hi, James,


These are excellent flats--err, reliefs. You inspire me to return to figure painting to complete the ones I have started already.


I know this is not an original idea, but have you ever tried applying your eye for color and shading to the front faces of U.S. coins? Such a display would look great in a shadow case if all the coins from the same year were included.



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Hi Ed,


Thanks for the kind words.


While I think the painted coins would work to be a very nice display, I don't think that is a project that I would attempt. And the reason for that would simply be a personal choice. The size of the half dollar would be OK, but then other coins would stess my tires old eyes.


I am working on my first true flat right now, and it is a fantasy project. It is about 100MM tall and that is a good size for me. Flats are also very afforable.


Also, I will probably never paint all the round figures in my gray army.




Chris Fontenot

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