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British aircraft...

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I do have a few.....


Monogram 1/48 built as a MKII in desert camo. Closed the wheel wells and added a cockpit.



Aurora 1/48 Sopwith Triplane, corrected and detailed.



1/48 Sea Hurricane. Monogram kit converted and detailed. Home made markings (with the help of my buddy Jerry!)



Revell 1/48 MKII Spitfire, OOTB.



Classic Airframes 1/48 MKI Hurricane, OOTB



Airfix 1/48 MKI Spitfire, OOTB


I also have a Sopwith Pup and an EE MKI Lightning (a vac, no less!); but no pics of those. Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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As the British would say "Smashing"! Very good Gil! Those look great! I hope my P-6E Hawk will look that good! Best,


Mark Fiedler (aAzZ09)

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Fine work


The Mk I Spit would look better if the demarcation line between the dark earth and dark green on the uppers were not as pronounced.



Thanks for sharing.




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