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Supporting the Troops for the Holidays

Dick Montgomery

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As we approach the beginning of the new month, it would be an appropriate time to consider approaching your chapter to discuss sending some donations to the Troops. Shipments to Afghanistan arrive within 15 to 20 days, and shipments to the domestic programs arrive in half that time or less. It's not terribly expensive and the customs forms for overseas shipments are not that complex.


Please be sure to share the fact that you and your club sent some donations.....your example will serve to encourage other chapters to follow in your footsteps.


Visit http://www.ipmsusa3.org/gallery/v/stt/ and pick a program(s) to support.


Or, if you are unsure of the protocol, can't identify the Point of Contact, or have questions about the "how" and "to whom", please PM me. I'll provide you with a range of options and will make sure that you have the information you need to send some goodies to the Troops.

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