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looking for info on float nets?


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This came from Jim Russell on modelwarships web.

"The float was made of cork (guess). Size of each float was appx 4" dia x 12" long. They were strung on a line, this assembly was called a float net. The assembly was stowed in a "float net basket". There were two sizes of basket, "shallow" used on DD's and "deep" used on CV's and BB's. A deep basket could stow 15 lines of floats."


L'Arsenal makes resin floats, WEM and GMM has baskets for BB's. I have the USS Missouri set from WEM and they are nice.

Sorry I don't have numbers for the size of the basket but I did take a picture of one on BB55 http://www.ipmsusa3.org/gallery/v/walkarounds/boatsandships/BB55/


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