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First Group Build

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I have recently joined a club and we are discussing entering a group build in an IPMS event next year.


It is generally accepted we will be doing a single engine WWII era aircraft used by multiple nations.


I have never done anything like this before and I am nervous.


I’ve been modeling for years but never showed any of them. From examples I see in magazines I have so far to go and my air brush skills are nil, although I am working on this.


In these contest how critical are colors? I.E. exact match’s of shades on the aircraft and accessories. To me OD is OD; grey is grey, but some people talk of various shades. The interior color, Zinc Chromate, Interior Green/Yellow don’t seem critical to me but will the judges feel the same? Tires - I have never found any pre prepared rubber paint that looks real; nor have I been able to make a mix that totally agrees with me. How critical are the judges?


After Market parts or parts from another model kit (whether or not the part is from the same manufacture) - are they acceptable. I have never put spark plug cables on any model; I don’t like resin buy know I will have to start; I’ve never used photo etched parts and know I will have to learn how to now.


Decal location - how critical are judges going to be?


Fortunately I have a good amount of time to work on this project and I want to present a respectable product.

My greatest problem is my impatience - I’m in a hurry to get the model on the shelf and have in the past taken short cuts in the building process and accepted less than satisfactory results. I know I have to overcome this now.


I would be most grateful for any input from any of you out there.

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First I would look over the handbook for building rules http://www.ipmsusa.org/competition_handbook/CH_index.html

Note anything you build as a team will still follow basic model building information presented there.


"In these contest how critical are colors? I.E. exact match’s of shades on the aircraft and accessories. To me OD is OD; grey is grey, but some people talk of various shades."

This reminded me of that movie about the kid building models and his GF asked him about all the shades of grey...Yes there are many shades and counting, so try and stay with what it should be if possible.

You may want to view the tips and tricks pages for color shading for help.

For the rest you just have to jump in and give er a go at it. Mistakes will happen but you will learn from them. I like to use a practice kit if possible, a cheaper version to get paint and some details down before going into the main event so to speak. But that's just me.

I'm sure others on here will chim in with advice, lots of good people who are far better than I on building.

Good luck

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How "close" do you need to be? In a word: BALLPARK!


Build your model and have another from your group critique it. It sounds like you have plenty of time before the show, so you should have time to build another IF you and the others in your group think it's needed.


Arthur's suggestion to read the Judges Handbook is right on the money! The "basics" are much more important than accuracy. If your colors are in the ballpark and smoothly applied, and your decals look like paint, you should be in like Flynn! Best of luck, and HAVE FUN!


GIL :smiley16:

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