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First Group Build


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I have recently joined a club and we are discussing entering a group build in an IPMS event next year.


It is generally accepted we will be doing a single engine WWII era aircraft used by multiple nations.


I have never done anything like this before and I am nervous.


I’ve been modeling for years but never showed any of them. From examples I see in magazines I have so far to go and my air brush skills are nil, although I am working on this.


In these contest how critical are colors? I.E. exact match’s of shades on the aircraft and accessories. To me OD is OD; grey is grey, but some people talk of various shades. The interior color, Zinc Chromate, Interior Green/Yellow don’t seem critical to me but will the judges feel the same? Tires - I have never found any pre prepared rubber paint that looks real; nor have I been able to make a mix that totally agrees with me. How critical are the judges?


After Market parts or parts from another model kit (whether or not the part is from the same manufacture) - are they acceptable. I have never put spark plug cables on any model; I don’t like resin buy know I will have to start; I’ve never used photo etched parts and know I will have to learn how to now.


Decal location - how critical are judges going to be?


Fortunately I have a good amount of time to work on this project and I want to present a respectable product.

My greatest problem is my impatience - I’m in a hurry to get the model on the shelf and have in the past taken short cuts in the building process and accepted less than satisfactory results. I know I have to overcome this now.


I would be most grateful for any input from any of you out there.

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