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1/32 Tornado ECR


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Thanks guys for the likes. This is entirely OOTB except for the landing struts due to weight concerns of mine. I used the Lock and Load reference to detail the cockpit with tubes and wires PLUS the rear view mirrors. The tiger scheme is a combo of paint the decals. This 1/32 Revell kit provides for the decals and they did it fairly well. They're a bit thick though and Solvaset decal solution should do some trick. But I wouldn't advise to use them on the canopy. It would be better to follow reference pics and paint the black tiger stripes there instead.


The kit is a great kit! However, the movable pylons and tail stabilizers won't work because the connectors to the wing is way to thin for continuous movement. You might want to glue it in place (which would look awkward when you swing back the wings OR you can make you own connectors using brass links. Either way, the model stays static on my shelf so it works both ways. Hehehe.

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