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1/700 Dragon USS Hornet

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Guest PetrolGator

Pictures of my latest effort...




- Finished painting hull. I'm currently cleaning up any bleed under or "saw tooth" left by the masking tape.


- Dry fit superstructure.


- Added all 5 in and 40 mm AA guns.


Man, Dragon LOVES their tiny little 20's. I'm in the process of removing the shields and replacing them with brass equivalents. With 48 of them to do, it's... going to take a while.


I'll be tapping out the aircraft provided by Dragon and will be adding Trumpeter's 1/700 Hellcats, Helldivers, and Avengers. I am also going to be replacing a LOT of parts with Tom's Essex-class photo etch.


I'll be using oils and washes to weather the hull and (as per my topic in the tips thread) am still stumped on how I'm going to approach the flight deck. This is my first carrier.


No need to be kind. Tear away. :m1helmet:




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