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New Points of Contact for "Support the Troops"

Dick Montgomery

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Both "bases" in Afghanistan now have new Points of Contact, the former PoCs having been rotated home or to another location.


For the Camp Smith Rec Ctr at Kandahar AFB please go here to view the new shipping address and new email address.


For the Tarin Kowt FOB please go here to view the new shipping address and new email address.


All of the domestic programs continue to seek donations.


IPMS is awaiting news that another domestic program is starting up, and more info will be provided when those plans firm up.


Please remember that there is a seminar for those interested in the Support the Troops program, Thursday 9am at the National Convention. A small panel of persons who are organizers for some of the domestic programs will be on hand to answer your questions.

Also, a Donation Station will be set up and located (probably) near the Raffle/Door Prize table manned by the host chapter.

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New images have arrived from Tarin Kowt FOB.....

View them by using this link.


If you or your club have yet to make a donation please consider doing so. You'll find links to the Points of Contact in this thread in the initial posting.


If you have any questions please contact the IPMS Secretary...email addy on the Officers Page.

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Often not seen, except by those who work with the recipients of the donations that are distributed to the Troops through the STT program, is the gratitude that is always expressed in the face to face environment of the Build Night.


In this case, Jon Emery shares the contents of an email he received which exemplifies that gratitude.


From one of the recipients in Jon's program:


Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 06:09:00 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Model(ing) Craft Introduction and...Visible Man

To: models4troops@gmail.com


Thank you.



All my my life, I was thinking that people that were just playing with

toys. I was wrong. You have no idea what you have started.



Thank you for the (re)introduction to some of what model working Is or

more to the point...can be. I've updated my supply(s), projects and I

am reading I've now converted an extra room into a complete craft(ing)

/ project room.



First there was the USS Mount Whitney (supply ship) [L-1+], the

Corvette [L-1], the Hummer [L-1], the Lindberg models and...The

Visible Man [L-2+].



I especially appreciate your recent extra effort(s) to secure The

Visible Man project for me [...because of some limitations, I am using

"permanent" markers instead of paint]...



I work on some project every day. For some reason, Level 2-3:

Anatomical Model Building continue to peak my interest the most. I

enjoy the process more than the completed "piece". I think I may

actually place them out (in my office) for display.



When I am working on an element, piece or project...I feel I am

awaking unused parts of my brain. I feel an absolute sense of

validation, completion and...accomplishment with each finished effort.






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