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My last 4 Completions


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i don't post here as much as I should. I had not finished anything in quite a while but these four ended up on the display shelf in the last month. Definitely not a normal occurance at my place. Last year I think I only finished 7 total. But I am trying to clear out all my WIPS.


First up is the 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4 OOB in good old Testors square bottle Flat Sea Blue, VF-11 markings from an old Microscale(I think) sheet, and finally a coat of Future to seal it all up.




Next is the Promodeller P-40E OOB, kit decals and all. PollyScale and Tamiya paints sealed up with testor Dullcote.



Then a 1/48 Tamiya P-51D in decanted Krylon Matte Aluminum with Mike Grant decals.



And finaly an oldie. The Otaki Spitfire Mk.VIII OOB in Tamiya paints and kit decals. The decals were questionable so I coated them with Micro Liquid Decal Film. Not exactly the best solution but I had never tried it before.



More Pics at:




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Classics! Aren't those Otaki kits fun!? One of my first "serious" builds was an Oscar by Otaki...about a thousand years ago.

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