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In addition to hearty agreement on the M47 (especially), the M109, and the Soviet SAMs, I'd add:


Centurions (Mk3, Mk5, Mk8, Mk13, plus versions of the Israeli Sho't)

AMX-13 (the Heller kit is impossible to find, in additon to needing much work)

Hawk missile battery

WWII era US construction equipment (dozers, graders, earth movers, dump trucks, tank trucks - tons of diorama potential)

M2 White half-track


Brown Water Navy vessels in injected plastic




Swift boats

Alpha boats

Tango boats



Armored LCMs



Air boats


FJ-2 Fury

FJ-3 Fury

AD-5/A-1E (modern kit)

Super Frelon helicopter

Sterling bomber


i could probably go on all night....



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I'll second the -2/3 Fury in 1/48 scale too! I've got the Collectaire 1/48 resin kit, and have built the old ESCI kit, but there's SO many colorful schemes for the Fury!


GIL :smiley16:

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I have this cool little LSSC boat in 1/72 scale, it would be nice to have similar kits to go with it.


Concur - would love to find a 1/72 PBR that's not outrageously priced...and preferably not by the notorious Mach-2.

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i think kit makers do not make any market research with real custmers before release a kit !!


1/72 injected plastic please


shilka !!! great lack at market

maz 357 !!!

panhard vbl

al modern mraps !!! ( you do not like money ?)

toyota with russian zpu-1 ( yes , you really do not like money!!!)

fav vehicle

russian radar stations and trucks

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