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1/72 Wish List, Too


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I'm sure there's room in the stash for...



- 1/72 fleet standard B-1B (nice opportunity here, for Revellogram to upgrade their 1/72 kit and steal the show!)

- 1/72 Minuteman I-II-III ICBM(s)


The Red Stuff:

- 1/72 Soviet ICBMs

- 1/72 Soviet SAMs (Gran's plans have been 'breathin' hard' for too long)

- 1/72 ZSU-23-4 Shilka



- 1/72 Destroyer Escort - Buckley class

- 1/72 civilian vehicles: Cars & trucks of all eras (HO is not really 'close enough'!)

- 1/72 JERRV 6x6 MRAP

- 1/72 airfield vehicles: USAF firefighting and refueler trucks, esp. Cold War & modern era

- 1/72 NATO AirDef (HAWK, NIKE, AAA, etc)


Or try this: Go through a list of various subjects otherwise labeled as "WWII German" and re-type as Cold War, etc

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