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1/10 Kotobukiya Mega Man (my first Japanese kit)


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This is the first time I have experienced a Japanese posable model kit. Mega Man from the old Nintendo video game series. I have built a LOT of plastic models, as we all have, but I have never seen a kit so well engineered. The sprues are a mix of styrene, resin, ABS, and something else. The things just fit..the first snap-tite kit that I've ever seen actually snap-tite ;) - But it will be filled and sanded, and painted eventually.




This is no glue, no putty, no paint believe it or not.

The face, the eyes, the hands, etc. all snap in and out with the precision of LEGO.

I'm not usually a fan of too many Anime characters, but I spent a good amount of my wasted youth swearing at this game ;)


-This goes to prove you old farts wrong about video games being at fault for the decline in modelling too ;)

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