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Sioux Strong Heart Society


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Here is A & A Miniatures 75mm resin kit listed as Buffalo Soldier. Those who know US History remember this term was used for the African American troops assigned to the plains conflicts. I found no reference to any Plains tribes using this nomenclature, either in my reference books or on line. Some of the personal decorations in this figure, however, did suggest he might be a member of the Sioux Strong Heart (Cante Tinza) society. These men were particularly charged with protection of the rest of the encampment. The horse is sculpted with a simple buffalo mask. Images I found on line showed more decorations in the form of feathers and ribbons. I added these from spare resin or white metal feathers and wine bottle foil for the ribbons. I also added a breachclout patterned after on in the Osprey book “Warriors at the Little Big Horn.













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