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Fulmar finished


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Great job on banging that kit into shape! I wasn't expecting Operation Torch American markings on a Brit plane....what's the story? Nice job, and thanks for sharing!


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Guys ! :-)


большое спасибо бородарус ! :D


Model is done from Smer kit. Scale 1/72.


Why the American's stars on the plane ... because French Vichy soldiers remembered very good British attack on

French fleet in Mers el Kebir and Dakar ... better relations were with Americans, and French defense was not too

hard when they saw only American markings ...


Plane was in use by 809 Sqn Fleet Air Arm stationed on carrier HMS Victorius. That unit was used for TAC/R

missions over French land positions. Informations were sent to US units, which fought on French Morocco



It was one unit with that type of plane in the operation. In that time one plane was damaged by a AA fire, and second

damaged ditched before achieving HMS Victorius.


13 November 1942 HMS Victorius went back to UK. 19 Nov Unit was moved to land base. In April 1943

unit left Fulmars and took Seafire's as a new equipment.

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