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Question about USAF font


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Garth; Clare:


Gee, my input is likely to be so late that nobody will notice, but I had to try.


I continue to be amazed at how far outside the modeling mainstream this old (IPMS #6390) codger has become!


A web site that gives USAF fonts! What will they think of next? If I had wanted to know how big and what font to use on an F-106 model, my convoluted solution would have been to go to my USAF Tech Order 1-1-4 "Exterior Finishes, Insigina and Markings Applicable to USAF Aircraft" (21 March 1978: old, but it still has all the OLD SEA camo schemes AND the non-tactical schemes!), where on pages B-56 & B-57 I'd find that the "U. S. Air Force" on the fuselage sides of an F-106 is in 21" high letters and the "USAF" on the wings is 30" high letters.


NEXT, I'd use the "Form of Letters and Numerals" page (A-8) that shows in a matrix grid how the "single stroke Gothic Vertical Lettering" to lay out the lettering.


And then I'd likely do something really stupid like trying to cut stencils and spray paint the markings.


Meanwhile, you would have used your PC to print the decals, they'd be applied, the model finished, and a new one started.


Am I out of the main stream, or WHAT? :Smile_sceptic:

Even the the old "P-4" helmet I'm wearing in my picture (at left) is well over fifty years old ...note that it has no visor cover!

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Hi Fred :D


I remember talking to you once and you replied that you had to get your Apple II cranked up so you must have a history with the computer. Your old 1-1-4 would be the right way for a super detailer to do the job but us more laid back modelers just look for an easier way. I'm not sure where I heard about the Amarillo font but it sure comes in handy at times. Of course, at my age, I forget where I left my coffee cup but can remember old stuff like that.



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