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I found a new way to make a flag on your computer that looks more realistic. Flags made for kits generally are made to fold around a string from the back going forward. You can make your own that looks better. Using an American flag as example; copy and paste the flag in MS Paint or comparable program, copy the second half of the flag and paste so the red and white stripes meet. When you print spray a coat of clear to seal the color on the paper. Now fold so the blue fields come together at the back. Use white glue to glue the halves and press with light pressure to squeeze the excess out. Let that set for a few minutes, then shape the flag so it looks like it’s flapping in the wind. Crease the flag where it meets the pole so only the top and bottom touch the pole or string. The advantage to this is you do not have a seam on the outside edge where the stripes meet, and your flag will hang from the mast or string like a real one.

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