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Commiesfest 2012


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Another spur of the moment trip as I didn't find out about until last week.

Quick 8.5 hr drive to the Denver area (and a few fun times in the snows of Wyoming) on Friday and back again Sunday. The Nationals in 2013 will be in Colorado Springs which is about another hour on to the drive so I can count this as recon.


Nice show, friendly people and a good location (ie, good lighting). They had demos going all day also. Vendors area was pretty small with mainly locals selling off their stuff but got some great deals and spent less than $50.


Some great Sci Fi stuff and a couple neat Whif bombers. There was also a lovely 1/32nd A-10 which took Peoples Choice but didn't hear where it placed.


And I also placed with some of my stuff. Got a 3rd, 2nd, and a 1st and topped it off with Best Anime :blink:. Guess my Spiderman was the closest thing to Anime that showed up. And Best Female Model was won by a Praying Mantis (I kid you not).


So, guess I will have to make a couple trips to Colorado next year.



8th AF B-29 (and it's the Monogram 1/48th scale kit)



1/72 B-35



















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Yes, it was a good show. Actually, the Nationals in 2013 will be in the Loveland, Co. area, just off I-25. The Colorado Springs guys are the guys behind it, however, the Loveland facilities were the ones that worked best for them, even with the distance between them. All the local Colorado chapters will be helping out in one way or another.


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