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CALMEX in Lake Charles, LA

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IPMS SWAMP will host their annual CALMEX event in Westlake, a suburb of Lake Charles, on Saturday the 25th.

This event has been the first event in Region 6 for a number of years and kicks off the "contest season" in a positive way.


The vending area is always full and with good bargains to be had, the snack bar features home-made gumbo along with other goodies, and the local community has some excellent restaurants featuring local food.


The best part about the event is a chance to meet and greet old friends and the enjoy the hospitality of the SWAMP members, not to mention being able to view tables filled with excellent models.


SWAMP has kindly donated table space to IPMS for a Support the Troops Donation Station/ IPMS booth. Thanks!


Remember...don't pet the gators. They bite!

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By all standards, this year’s CALMEX event, hosted by IPMS SWAMP, was a total success. All of the usual “suspects” were present to display their models and to eat the World’s Best Gumbo!

Membership acquisition went well. 17 membership applications were processed, 8 of them being for members new to IPMS or returning after a significant number of years (5+) of being inactive.

The Support the Troops Donation Station brought in between 40 and 50 kits. These kits were supplemented by a large donation of paint from Chuck Adams (CM Toys). The local newspaper was present, taking pictures and interviewing some of the SWAMP guys, and a local TV station was present, doing some interviews and taking some shots of the models. SWAMP does an excellent job in regard to the media. The club contacts the local media well in advance of the show each year, and then reminds them of the event as time draws near for “the big show”. The coverage is consistently positive and very helpful.

RC-6, Sean Glaspell shares “the duty” at the IPMS Table with me at most of these events and he does a superb job representing IPMS, helping with IPMS membership requests or information, and also dealing with IPMS business specific to Region 6.

The members of IPMS SWAMP are commended for their outstanding support of IPMS-USA and for their efforts to support the hobby, not only during CALMEX (their annual event) but throughout the year!


Shortly after posting the above, Matt LeBlanc shared with me the url for a video clip featured on the local news..... I'm not sure where the reporter ot the "Toy Models" description, but I know that he, himself, was not a modeler. I asked. Anyway....the coverage was positive and complimentary and you can see some of the excellent models displayed during the event by going to, "http://www.kplctv.co...&autostart=true"

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