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Mark Deliduka

2012 Models in Progress by the Duke.

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Well, it's a new year and time to start showcasing all my work for the coming year. I'm hoping to get even more done this year than last; after all, I have to clear some room in my Hobby Room.


I'll start with a recap of what was still unfinished at the end of 2011.


As you know, I was working on three large transports. Clearing these large boxes out of my room would be a great improvement. As of now, here is where they stand:


The C-160 Transall and the C-130 Herc have both received some additional sanding and filling before being prepped for paint. The An-12 Cub is almost ready for it's oat of paint which it'll get once I acquire the color. After that it'll be set up for decals and final finishing while I wait to see if I can replace the missing canopy.


Here's the pics of where these three are now in terms of assembly:










An-12 Cub:




Next I had started the MPC Profile Series/Airfix P-61 Black Widow. I had noticed that the horizontal stabilizer on the tail was crooked, so I had to break it and adjust the one wing to make it straight. That's where I am now on this. Here is a pic showing it where it is now:




I had also begun a B-57G Night Hawk and had it to the painting stage. Since then, I've managed to get a camo pattern on it now:




Another model I'd started near the beginning of last year and stopped working on was the Italeri Ka-50W 'Werewolf'. I'd stopped working on it because it seemed that every time I tried to get further along on it, something else would break. I seemed to always be taking one step forward and two steps back on this. I finally got tired of it and just kept barreling along until I'd browbeat this thing to where it is now.


Here it is; I have the camo pattern on it, decals on it, and the landing gear installed. I also assembled the blades onto the main rotor assembly:




Here's another quicky I started sometime after Christmas. I'd gotten it from a friend that knew he wasn't going to build it so he passed it on to me. It's an A-1 Skyraider being done up in SEA camo pattern. I got it almost all assembled and got the camo pattern on it just before the year ended. Here it is as of last year, with the canopy and prop dry-fit on it:




And finally, the last armor model I'd hoped to have done by the new year, but couldn't finish in time. This is my Cpl Overby's Motor Pool/Dragon conversion of the Israeli M-50 Super Sherman. All that's left to do is to weather it:







Okay, that is what is carrying over from last year. Now to show the newest models I started the day after New Years. I took all these to my St. Crispin's Hobby Day Monday to work on.


This first one is the Planet Models A-Stoff trailer sent to me by a friend on the LEM.


I had a devil of a time with this model. At first it went together well, but when I'd installed the tank between the two side brace assemblies and added the 'feet' to it, I noticed too late that the tank angled down at the back. I tried to ignore it, but after awhile it really started to bug me. So, I took an X-acto knife and started to cut the tank free. I got most of it cut free until I ran into the last 'foot' which was particularly difficult. Finally, I managed to cut through it..... and the trailer.... into my thumb.


Here is the first pic after I'd cut the tank free. You can see the cut through the bottom of the trailer in this pic. You can also see the knife that bit me up in the upper left corner:




The X-acto blade bit more than a half inch deep into my thumb, causing blood to shoot out everywhere. This is how it looked after I got bandaged up; twenty minutes after I cut myself:




This final pic is after I'd gotten the whole tank free. You can see some of the damage done to the side framework that I don't know how I'm going to fix:





After all that drama, I figured I was ready for some easy models to assemble. So, I pulled out the nine Dragon 1/72 scale T-34/76 models that I'd brought along to start. I have three T-34/76 1940 tanks, two T-34/76 1941 versions (one with a cast turret, one with the welded one), two T-34/76 1942 versions (one with a cast turret, one with the welded one) and one T-34/76 1943 version. The final one is a Beute model with markings only for tanks used by the Wehrmacht.


I decided to go by years, starting with the 1940's ones. The first one, I drilled out the holes on the idler wheels and drive sprockets and installed them all together with the roadwheels. I also assembled most of the upper hulls on all three. The second two 1940 tanks I didn't add the idler wheels and drive sprockets because I had broken my drill bit and didn't want to drill them out with the X-acto knife, given what had happened earlier. So on the second two models I only installed the roadwheels. I also used the plastic engine covers for two of them; the third will have the photo-etch engine screens:


Here's the three hulls of the three T-34/76 1940 tanks. Yes, they are all different....








Next I built up the same assemblies on the T-34/76 1941's. because of the simplicity of the gun/mantlet assembly on the T-34/76 1941 with the cast turret, I decided to build that tank's turret as well. Her it is showing all I did on this one:




The other T-34/76 1941 only got as far as the rest of the tanks:




Finally, I'd managed to start one of the T-34/76 1942 versions, but because the wheels had the holes in them, I decided not to install them now since they still needed to be drilled out. I did get the back armor plate on the lower hull and then moved on to assemble the upper hull:




And that's as far as I got on all those T-34's, as it came time to close the Hobby Day. Today I have some time, hopefully I'll be able to get more done later today on the remainder of the T-34's.


Meanwhile, thanks for looking in on the start of my 2012 production line. Comments are always welcome.

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Gee....you've got what would be a whole YEAR'S worth for me on your bench right now, and you'll have all of those done by February! Ok, since you're wounded, maybe it'll take you til Valentines Day. You da man Duke!


GIL :smiley16:

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Hi, Mark,


We all know what mothers say about their children playing with sharp knives. If you'd had a bucket handy, you could have become a one-gallon blood donor on the spot. Where's the Bloodmobile when you need it? Yes, I vividly remember doing the same thing to myself. It hurt more LATER. :smiley12:


I saw about half of your photos here, and among the half that I did see about half only partly loaded. I'll get better results hopefully after I sign in on another visit.



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Gil and Ed, Thanks for the awesome comments! Gil, I still may be done by the end of January.... :smiley6::smiley2: :D Thanks for ther compliment my friend!


Ed, I know what you mean. I feel like I did lose a gallon! At least it was a clean cut, so I was able to do a bit more afterward. I'm sorry that only half the pics loaded for you. For some reason, all of them haven't been loading too well for some reason. Apparently, most of my Year in Review didn't load either.... that must be why I haven't gotten many comments on that Thread. I tried to re-post and figure out what went wrong, but I couldn't figure it out. They all loaded for me.


Thanks again for posting anyway!

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