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Kitbase Software Update


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The new version of KitBase has now been built. I am presently testing it before release. Hopefully it will be ready before the end of December. This will be a free update for owners of KitBase.

New features are:

* Custom Fields (create your own columns)

* Jump to RecNo (record number)

* Find function

* 'Date Started' field.

I had planned to do Excel import/export as well but decided to split the release, so as to get something out sooner.

I have also posted some news on Facebook:



Please feel free to comment on the Facebook page or 'Like' it.


Gary Marples

Suisoft Limited



33 George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1LX, England.

Suisoft Limited is registered in England and Wales (company no: 6391633

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Rats. No Mac version. Oh well, you get used to that after a while.


After making my own half baked data base some time ago, I found that keeping it up to date was a hobby of its own - one that helped me do even less model building. I also learned that if I need a database to keep track of my models, maybe I have a few too many.

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I just uploaded my Model inventory Bento template to the Template Exchange http://solutions.fil.../index_home.jsp It should be available in a day or two for download...


EDIT: Scale Model Inventory for Bento now available: http://solutions.filemaker.com/database-templates/detail.jsp?serial=2551722783 Something for the Mac-minded modeler.

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