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E-2C refs


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I'm working on the Kinetic/Italieri 1/48 E-2C and I'm just not happy with the insert provided to show some detail at the open crew door - so I'm looking to scratch something more accurate. Problem is, I can't seem to find any ref pictures looking directly into the open doorway. Can anyone help me out here?

Donkey shins in advance...

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From an E-2 tour I had once when I was in the Air Force, there really isn't much to see at at that doorway anyway. Once up the stairs it lands you on a narrow walkway that is dominated by a bunch of electronics racks that are mostly black. Turn left and you head forward to the cockpit. Turn right and you head to the three scopes in the back. To tell you the truth from my memory, if you paint that insert from Kinetic Dark Gull Grey and most of the "boxes" black, it is about as good as it needs to be. For my Kinetic E-2 I am putting the wings extended so I am buttoning up the hatch anyway.


I Googled E-2C interior and found these links:



(a build of a Hasegawa 1/72 scale but he scatchbuilds the a convincing looking open entrance).



(a nice interior diagram--might be able to blow it up some)



(nice interior shot looking from the scope area forward to the cockpit)


Maybe these will help.




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